Care Delivery Workflows

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Symphony’s dynamic population health checklist system was built from the ground up to interactively generate critical information and instructions from directly within workflows, making them instantly accessible across all care delivery settings. It can efficiently systemize a broad array of evidence-based clinical content from virtually any local or syndicated source, including:

  • Complex disease protocols
  • Health and wellness assessments
  • Care plans
  • Care gap analyses driven by predictive modeling
  • Hospital discharge plans
  • Transitions-of-care coordination
  • Primary care follow-up
  • Condition management treatment plans
  • Quality and performance measures
  • Caregiver instructions
  • Shared decision making
  • And more

Symphony enables collaboration by creating an immediate link among hospitals, medical groups, nursing homes, pharmacies, care managers, health coaches, patients and caregivers to better manage health events and chronic conditions.

A feedback system is created that enables everyone on the care team to be highly responsive, at precisely the right moment, based on key indicators ranging from clinical values to patient-centric information like personal attitudes, knowledge, behaviors, and environmental circumstances (e.g. confidence in managing a disease, flights of stairs in the home, availability of family support, etc).

Symphony guides each population health encounter by any member of the care team, then creates “hand-off loops” that detail specific next steps. Downstream team members are alerted when their attention is required.  As each loop is closed, it is documented to provide the reporting detail required for performance-based measures.