Role-based Access, Guidance, and Reporting

Echoing the Way Clinicians and Staff Think

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No more square pegs and round holes. Symphony is quickly learned and embraced by the care team because it’s both highly intuitive and flexible.

  • Logical four-step process: Select patient/member, identify problem set, walk through action items, then review and finalize the care plan.
  • Dynamic multi-disciplinary care team support. Automatically assign tasks, interventions, follow-up items to different care team members based on team members skill sets and member’s plan type.
  • Traffic light metaphor guides the user to satisfy key contract measures
  • Checklist format provides structure, while free-form text fields capture additional key information based on patient/member-specific observations
  • Easy-to-navigate, users can move back and forth through checklist steps, drill down into patient/member details, or step up into care coordination layers at any time
  • Multiple ways to save content, share work-in-progress with other care team members, create handoffs, or resume where they left off from any location

Coordinate information and action cues across workflows, clinical facilities, and partner organizations to support the entire care team at every skill level:

  • Care managers
  • Care coordinators
  • Social workers
  • Patients and caregivers
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Health coaches
  • Community health
  • Mid-level practitioners
  • Physicians