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Performance Clinical Systems Releases Maestro for Intelligent, Automated Routing and Load Balancing of Tasks Across Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Health Plans Can Now Accelerate Member Outreach and Engagement Using Fewer, More Appropriate Staff Resources

San Francisco, December 12, 2017– Performance Clinical Systems, the leader in rapidly-deployable technologies for care management workflow improvement, today unveiled functionality that enables health plans to better manage tasks and clinical insights across today’s multi-disciplinary care teams with more accuracy and efficiency. This includes authorizations, care management referrals, welcome calls, new members assessments, gaps-in-care notifications, and countless other assignments requiring distribution across multi-disciplinary roles, locations, contractual arrangements, and external resources (such as caregivers and community workers).

While the evolution of multi-disciplinary care teams has improved plans abilities to deliver more personalized and precise member-specific interventions and care plans it has also increased the level of complexity in distributing these interventions and insights in a timely manner directly to the team members that need it the most based on their role. Historically, organizations have managed this high-volume activity through manual interventions starting with intake coordinators and setting up queues that are managed on a first-in-first-out (FIFO) basis.

Manually reviewing these high volumes of incoming requests is both time-consuming and expensive. These requests may be handled multiple times before making their way to the appropriate resource due to both lack of definition and potential user error. Additionally, FIFO typically punishes the more efficient, effective users and ultimately leaves them burdened with a larger caseload than others. Conversely, when not managed appropriately or without the appropriate “notification,” process queues can go unwatched leaving time-sensitive requests without the appropriate attention.

Performance Clinical offers an elegantly simple alternative that automates the distribution of care management assignments. Maestro is the new module for Symphony, the company’s cloud-based care management platform, that intelligently “load balances” tasks and insights generated from external sources as well as from internal care management activity across clinical roles. The new functionality distributes assignments accurately and efficiently based on business rules identifying appropriate licensure level and skill sets.

“Maestro better equips clinical teams to stratify caseloads and handle the higher volumes of member touch points required in many of today’s population health programs,” noted Christopher Johnson, MD, MPH, Performance Clinical’s chief scientist. “This essentially frees up higher-cost clinical expertise to focus on outliers and interventions, while others on the team process routine member interactions and assessments.”

The new capability is easily configured so that clinical staff is working at the top of their licensure and in conjunction with Symphony’s core functionality of workflow guidance, data capture, and role-based “right time, right place” hand-offs. Additionally, the platform facilitates this load-balancing as it ensures compliance across a limitless amount of contracts.

Further, Maestro’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for organizations to rapidly modify existing rules or add new rules to accommodate the requirements of new programs, populations, products, etc. Rather than requiring retraining of all user and managers in how to assign work based on new policies or external requirements, changes in Maestro’s configuration can rapidly rebalance across a large user population to maintain efficiency in a changing environment. Rules can even be created to support field-based activities that match staff to members based on geographical proximity through a proprietary algorithm. This can dramatically improve the efficiency of home & site visits.

“Our clients told us one of their top challenges was getting out from under the labor-intensive manual processes that often financially penalize them for missed deadlines, such as new member outreach requirements across different plan types,” said Brian O’Neill, CEO of Performance Clinical Systems. “With Maestro, service level agreements are more manageable through algorithms that smooth out resource ‘pinch points’ and distribute the workload based on team availability and specialization areas.”

About Performance Clinical Systems

Performance Clinical Systems is a privately held healthcare information technology company based in San Francisco, California. Founded by two physicians, its cloud-based workflow accelerator platform, Symphony™, proactively manages patient outreach and encounters across various roles and clinical settings within team-based care models. Algorithms tailor “on the fly” workflows based on case-specific care needs, prior patient encounters, payer contract requirements, and the specific role of a care team member. This approach enables efficient and scalable patient engagement models which are highly personalized. Additionally, Symphony ensures regulatory-compliant engagement and creates an electronic trail for care and contract compliance reporting. For more information, visit