Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Workflows that Better Engage the Most Appropriate Team Member

Health Systems who have entered into alternative payment models with payers (eg. Shared Savings, Gainshare, ACO, and “At-Risk” models), are beginning to engage their patients through Population Health and Care Management programs at a rapid pace. Driven by the benefits of these programs for patient’s health, improved quality and reduced costs of care, systems are rewarded by these new alternative payment contracts to be more proactively engaged with patients between episodes of care.

However, this “last mile” of care delivery where team-based patient engagement is critical, is riddled with information silos, pocketed clinical encounters, and lagging claims data—all significant obstacles to the efficiencies required for performance-driven care teams to achieve the quality and outcomes metrics defining their success.

Performance Clinical Systems enables healthcare organizations to quickly and affordably bridge this last mile.

Our flagship product, Symphony™, is a robust cloud-based workflow management platform that addresses care management and population health management for providers. It provides all of the critical functions required for a health systems proactive engagement of their patient population,  It is a cloud-based system from the ground up (think Google Docs) which provides rich care management functionality to care teams enabling them to work closely with payers to improve their patient’s lives and enhance their value-based financial performance.

Symphony is utilized to manage populations in various care delivery organizations today, including:

  • Health Systems
  • Clinically Integrated Networks
  • Physician Groups