Innovative Features & Benefits

Fueling Acceleration

The cloud-based Symphony supports highly efficient patient engagement across various roles and clinical settings within team-based care management models.

  • Scale Population Health and Care Management Programs Faster.
    To drive efficiency, the system applies algorithms which deliver member-specific assessments, dynamic care plans, and versatile engagement workflows based on case-specific care needs, prior member encounters, payer contract requirements, and the specific role of a care team member.  This member-specific, guided approach enables organizations to scale their population health programs faster by making each encounter highly efficient and allowing the organization to leverage lower-cost staff in ways more complex case management systems prohibit.

  • Change is No Longer the Enemy.
    Symphony is a nimble platform which routinely adapts to new and changing requirements, allowing organizations to continuously optimize the workflows and performance metrics which drive the success of population health programs “on-the-ground” as they scale.  The system is quickly embraced by clinicians and support staff (training takes less than an hour), deployed rapidly (less than 90 days) and works alongside or as a layer on traditional enterprise HIT systems.
  • Optimizing Multi-Disciplinary Team Performance.
    The system is designed to make documentation and contract compliance reporting as simple and automated as possible through prompting, automated capture and detailed audit trails.

  • Get Along Well with Others.
    Symphony’s workflow engine goes beyond simply navigating the complexities of care management.   It can also be utilized as a “single unified layer” over other systems in use models, for instance where there is a network of providers wanting simple access to an ecosystem of tools.   Symphony’s focus on simplicity and efficiency creates quick and easy interactions with information for providers which can support maximum participation which is a critical success factor for any network.


Increased Throughput

Symphony reduces the time it takes for care management teams to work their high-priority patient lists.  This enables up to 3x more throughput than EMRs and other tools.