Care Management Modules

Patient/Member Assessment

Symphony’s Dynamic Smart Assessments™ enable highly efficient patient/member interaction, automatically adjusting for payer, clinical scenario, user role, patient demographics, patient problems, and patient responses, resulting in the creation of a customized care plan. This module generates specific documentation to meet quality and performance reporting requirements.  Additionally, using the Symphony Authoring Tool, authorized team members can easily edit existing assessments or easily create new assessment tools from scratch.

Transitions of Care

Care coordination workflow framework for transitioning patients from hospital to community then between encounters and care sites once in the community. Generates payer-specific documentation often required to meet coding, quality and performance reporting requirements (such as Medicare’s TCM codes).

Chronic Condition Management

Provides a highly efficient and systematic workflow tool for clinicians and support teams to work at the top of their licenses to manage patients with chronic disease. It can import patient lists and care gaps from analytics systems or sort patients based on risks identified in the Patient Assessment Module for interventions. By providing clear guidance on the necessary interventions and care gaps the care teams become highly effective and efficient in closing care gaps and managing patients with chronic diseases.

Dynamic Care Planning

Assists care teams in creating a patient-centered, dynamic care plan based on a physical, mental, cognitive, psychosocial, functional, and environmental (re)assessment. It provides an intuitive workflow for creating and managing care plans when patients are first assessed, then as frequently as needed. Unlike traditional “static” systems stored for occasional viewing, our “dynamic” approach provides continuous visibility to each patient’s care plan during an encounter. This then drives the next steps and priorities, as each care team member interacts with a patient.

Utilization Management

Frequently a siloed process with multiple redundancies across settings, inefficient authorization processes can interfere with timely member care and provider satisfaction.  Symphony offers a robust utilization management capability that is closely integrated with the clinical care management modules and designed to maximize the efficiency of UM teams. It streamlines processes across settings and uses service-specific prompts to ensure accurate and efficient entry, tracking, and reporting on authorizations.  Easy-to-follow guidance and workflow prompts enable payer and provider UM staff to eliminate redundancies, allow staff to work at the top of their license,  all while ensuring information gets captured correctly and completely.  Doing this allows less-complex work to be offloaded from the level above, including the physician, NP, or PA provider.


Authoring Tool

Any authorized member of your team can add or edit content (such as existing assessments, care plans, protocols, etc), workflows and alerts/triggers for action and hand-offs to other team members. The authoring tool is easy to use and enables you to rapidly adapt the system for new lines of business, joint ventures, and more.