Solutions Designed by Clinicians
for Today’s Care Teams

Performance Clinical Systems is a privately held healthcare information technology and business solutions company based in San Francisco, California and Boston, Massachusetts.   Founded by two physicians, its cloud-based workflow management system, Symphony™, proactively manages patient outreach and encounters across various roles and clinical settings within team-based population health care delivery models. The hallmark of our solutions is simplicity, which enables rapid understanding, adoption and impact within an organization.

Algorithms tailor “on the fly” checklists based on case-specific care needs, prior patient encounters, payer contract requirements, and the specific role of a care team member.  This approach enables efficient and scalable patient engagement models which are highly personalized.  Additionally, Symphony creates an electronic trail for care and contract compliance reporting.

The company’s solutions are attractive to performance-oriented population health care providers and payers because they are quickly embraced by clinicians, deployed rapidly (less than 60 days) and work alongside or as a layer on traditional enterprise HIT systems. Most importantly, Symphony contributes significantly to a provider’s ability to handle shifts in payment models, such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) and Patient-centered Medical Homes (PCMH), which reward better care at lower cost.