Time matters.  A lot.

Getting the right population health program in place takes time. Optimizing staff resources and getting workflows right takes time. Engaging patients effectively takes time. But time often gets in the way of meeting an organization’s goals and your patients needs.

At Performance Clinical Systems, our focus is on delivering solutions that are all about reducing time

  • Reducing the time needed to bring up a program—less than 90 days
  • Reducing the time it takes to converge on the right workflows which have the highest impact on outcomes.
  • Reducing the time it takes for your care management team to work their high priority patient list—as much as 3x more efficient than EMR’s and other tools

We help accelerate any population health program, leveraging our patented technology that enables your care team to engage patients more efficiently and effectively.

Better Workflows that Meet Quality and Contract-specific Requirements

Our flagship solution is a cloud-based care coordination and workflow management layer that works in unison with all point- of-care systems across all provider settings and locations. It leverages existing HIT investments—such as EMRs, analytics engines, and health coaching platforms—while also providing a unique springboard for engaging patients in a highly personalized and context-sensitive way. And because Symphony operates with real-time information, care teams can engage with patients much more quickly than traditional claims-based outreach, while also being guided to comply with payer-specific requirements.

Core Modules that Easily Drive More
Efficient and Effective Population Health Workflows

Patient/Member Assessment

Dynamic Smart Assessments™ enable highly efficient patient/member interaction, automatically adjusting for payer, clinical scenario, user role, patient demographics, patient problems, and patient responses, resulting in the creation of a customized care plan.

Transitions of Care

Care coordination workflow for transitioning from hospital to ambulatory, SNF, or home settings. Generates payer-specific documentation often required to meet coding, quality and performance reporting requirements.

Chronic Condition Management

Imports patient lists and care gaps from analytics systems or sort patients based on risks identified in Symphony’s Patient Assessment module for interventions.

Dynamic Care Planning

Assists in creating care plans that are continuously visible and automatically adjusted based on a physical, mental, cognitive, psychosocial, functional, and environmental assessments.

Utilization Management

Streamlines processes across settings and uses service-specific prompts to ensure accurate and efficient entry, tracking, and reporting on authorizations.


Authoring Tool

Add or edit content (such as care plans, protocols, etc), workflows, action alerts, and hand-offs to other team members.

Support the Entire Care Team at Every Skill and License Level

Coordinate information and action cues across workflows, payer contracts, clinical facilities, and partner organizations.

We believe Performance Clinical Systems is uniquely positioned to help us efficiently and effectively manage care coordination needs and workflows in a way that far surpasses current capabilities of most EHR systems and case management portals.


Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Optima Health, a service of Sentara

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